Black Sturgeon Caviar Santa Bremor 50g

Black sturgeon caviar is an expensive and rare delicacy. In any country in the world, among many other delicacies, sturgeon caviar is still the queen of the table, being a symbol of luxury and gastronomic sophistication.
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Sturgeon Black caviar - delicacy in the truest sense of the word. It is salted, processed eggs of Siberian Sturgeon fish, which is highly acclaimed for soft shell and aroma. 
Serving Caviar:
When enjoying Caviar, make sure to relax and not overcomplicate the experience. To allow the delicate flavour of the caviar to come through, serve on a plain base, such as a traditional blini. Plain crackers, toasted brioche or artisan bread are also perfect substitutes. Then top blini with a bit of crème fraiche and add caviar.
How to serve:
On the subject of serving Caviar, never use metal. Caviars' delicate nature is so fragile that using metal bowl or spoon will give
Caviar an "off" flavour or a metallic tang. Caviar should be served in a bowl on ice with pearl spoon... Enjoy!