Gin Lubuski Original 37.5% 700ml

A rather traditional Polish gin, Lubuski has been distilled using the same recipe for three decades! All the usual components can be found in the list of botanicals, with juniper berries, citrus peel and spices. Interestingly, the botanicals are sourced from Lubusz Land, an ecologically protected area of Poland. One to keep it simple in a Gin&Tonic with a slice of lime. Product of Poland.
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Lubuski Gin is distilled from grain spirit with juniper berries and a carefully selected composition of herbs. Although itis based on the traditional recipe,
it also follows modern trends. In Poland, Lubuski Gin is the best known and highly recommended brand of gin. For many years gin, as a category, has enjoyed popularity all over the world. At the British royal court, it was regarded as the elixir of life - the Queen Mother would drink a medically recommended daily dose of gin throughout her life - as a result, she lived to be 101...

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