Liqueur Raspberry Krupnik 16% 500ml

Product of Poland. Raspberries are exceptional fruits that are commonly used in preserves and various desserts, and are also ideal for delicious raspberry liqueurs and tinctures. Raspberry Krupnik is a proposal for a milk liqueur made on the basis of cream and aromatic, sun-ripened raspberries. In the liqueur, the sweetness of raspberries is broken by a hint of their acidity combined with the highest quality spirit. It is a perfectly balanced, juicy and aromatic liqueur, which will go well in cocktails, as an addition to desserts, as well as drunk alone from liqueur glasses.
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Product of Poland

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Liqueur Plum Krupnik 28% 500ml

Product of Poland. Krupnik plum is the quintessence of Polish flavor. A composition of sweet of plums, a delightful aroma reminiscent of childhood scents and a delicate alcohol strength that sharpens the taste.
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In production of Fruko Schulz Raspberry Liqueur such ingredients as fresh raspberry and natural flavoring are used.
Picture of Liqueur Lemon Krupnik 30% 500ml

Liqueur Lemon Krupnik 30% 500ml

Product of Poland. Krupnik Lemon is a refreshing, fresh and aromatic vodka, combining the taste of ripe, juicy lemons, high-class spirit and crystal clear water drawn from our deep wells. It is ideal both for pure drinking and as an ingredient for cocktails. Krupnik liqueurs are composed on the basis of old Polish recipes carefully written down and passed on from generation to generation. They owe their unique intensity and aroma to juicy, sun-saturated fruits from rural orchards, gardens and meadows. Ripe, hand-picked, macerated and enriched with unique blends of spices. The whole is complemented by a velvety and mild taste of excellent spirit making Krupnik liqueurs a unique combination of modern distillation techniques and Polish craftsmanship passed on through generations of distilling masters.
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Liqueur Blackcurrant Soplica 30% 500ml

Soplica – one of the most recognized spirits brands in Poland – is the brainchild of Bolesław Kasprowicz, who established the Manufacturing Plant of Vodkas and Liquors in the city of Gniezno. The first bottle of Soplica was produced in 1891, as proven by a replica of that bottle, which exists to this day, and can be found in the Museum of the Origins of the Polish State in Gniezno.