Rum DARK Propeller 37.5% Bottle 500ml

Copper-brown, medium full bodied, dry, warm, fruity, toffee notes, spicy, hint of vanilla
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Dark rum is a strong beverage with an intense flavour made from sugar cane juice or molasses using distillation. It is often aged in oak barrels for 2–20 years.

Dark rums have ripe fruit flavours. You can discern spicy oak, toffee, vanilla, chocolate and toasted notes in these rums.

Tips for use

Dark rums are typically used in mixed drinks, hot drinks, as digestifs and for flavouring.

Dark rum is a key ingredient in many drinks, such as Cuba Libre and eggnog. Rum toddy – a drink made using hot tea or water, honey or sugar and dark rum – warms you up on a cold evening. Old dark rum is a perfect digestif, comparable to Cognac.

How to serve

Depending on how it is used, dark rum is served at various temperatures: chilled in mixed drinks and at room temperature when served alongside coffee or added to a toddy.

Dark rum can also be used to flavour chocolate or festive cakes and pastries.

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