Vodka Manuka Honey & Chilli (Horilka) Puhoi 38% 750ml

Handcrafted in small batches at Puhoi Organic Distillery. Limited Edition (100 bottles only). 38% alcohol by volume. 750ml. The extremely popular top quality Manuka Honey&Chilli Horilka handcrafted in small batches at Puhoi Organic Distillery by three Ukrainians (Kirichuk family)
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Crafted in adherence to Ukrainian traditions, Manuka Honey & Chilli Horilka combines raw Puhoi Manuka honey and locally grown Chilli peppers, alongside secret botanicals. The spirit rejects the misconception of potato-based quality, opting for the finest grain alcohol.

Each bottle boasts a whole chilli pepper, emphasizing its authentic Cossack character. Handcrafted in small batches, no more than 70 bottles per batch, it embraces "True Gravity Flow" technology, avoiding pumps to maintain molecular integrity.

The selected Australian wheat alcohol is delicately diluted with untreated artesian water, and a meticulous purification process involving natural absorbents ensures a sophisticated, impurity-free spirit. After purification, the batch rests for three weeks in a glass vessel for structural stability.

Following stabilization, the spirit is enriched with ingredients, resting for three more weeks before bottling. Packaged in French glass bottles with glass stoppers, it maintains limitless quality.

Notably, it refrains from using any of the 45 permitted food additives, earning the Super Organic label. With an alcohol strength of 38% by volume, it aligns with health recommendations.

Served slightly chilled in shot glasses, this Horilka offers a mild chili kick. For cocktail enthusiasts, it enhances the beloved Bloody Mary when gently poured over salted tomato juice.