Vodka Zubrovka 40% Alc 200 ml

Original Polish Vodka distilled at the Polmos Bialystok Distillery. In the region vodka has been flavoured with Bison Grass for over 600 years. The vodka carries a lightly pungent herbal quality on both the nose and the palate, it brings quite a unique flavour of bison grass to your nose.
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The roots of the Vodka Zubrovka story reach to the Bialowieza Forest, located in the remote and mysterious land of Belarus and North East Poland. Here grows the precious Bison grass, the natural ingredient so unique to Zubrowka. Here also roam the rare and protected Bison from which Zubrovka takes its name. Bison grass is picked by hand at the height of summer, carefully dried and then added as an extract to a luxury rye spirit, distilled in the time honoured way at the Belalko distillery. Floral, herbaceous, vanilla and spring flowers are just a few of the many descriptions for Zubrovka.

For over 600 years, bison grass hand-harvested from Europe’s last primeval forest has infused smooth Zubrovka vodka with aromas of vanilla and almond.

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