Rum Spiced Puhoi 38% 750ml

Handcrafted in small batches at Puhoi Organic Distillery. Limited Edition (100 bottles only). 38% alcohol by volume. 750ml.
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During the Golden Age of Sail, rum emerged as a remedy for stress and medicine. However, its quality suffered due to sugar cane waste fermentation.

Many rum brands tout traditional methods, but blind adherence can be harmful. In contrast, this Spiced Rum is crafted innovatively.

Freshly made rum lacks color but contains toxic by-products creating its aroma. Wooden cask aging myths persist, but science reveals extraction of harmful substances.

This Dark Spiced Rum is meticulously handcrafted, purified with natural New Zealand absorbents, and utilizes "True Gravity Flow" technology.

Optimal maturity is achieved after six to eight months in Ukrainian oak barrels. It's infused with an adaptogenic composition for a unique profile.

Caramel, often used for color, transforms into a harmful compound. This Spiced Rum avoids shortcuts for your well-being.

After resting for four weeks, it's bottled in French glass with glass stoppers for indefinite quality. At 38% alcohol strength, it's recommended for safety.

Vegans can enjoy, as no animal products are used. It's free from the 45 permitted food additives, making it truly Super Organic.

Serve at room temperature or "on the rocks" in a tulip-shaped glass to savor its warmth, natural color, rich aroma, and deep flavor.